Hybrid Workplace Success

Combine frameworks, communication best practices, technology platforms, and processes to design a collaborative hybrid workspace for your team.


Offered by Silverberry Group

Effective Communication in Hybrid Workplaces Program

With the rise of hybrid working and remote collaboration, learning how to more effectively communicate and engage with your team in meetings is critical.

Through Innovearn's hybrid learning platform, recieve the best of remote learning and coaching assistance to ensure thorough understanding of program material, and leave the program with a clear definition of your solution, its users, and a roadmap to execute and build.

Through Innovearn's hybrid learning platform, receive the best of remote learning and coaching assistance to ensure thorough understanding of program material, and leave the program with a clear definition of your solution, its users, and a roadmap to execute and build it.

Innovearn is a remote-learning, hands-on coaching platform that connects coaches and educators to learners.

The learners receive constant feedback on pre-defined modules while having time flexibility of learning new concepts and materials and applying them to their current products or projects.

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Program Breakdown

Module 1


Overcome Hybrid Communication Challenges

In this module, you’ll learn about the communication methods and channels that allow for collaboration in any organization. By the end of this module, you will be able to identify the channels in your team, the impact of remote work, and how to create new processes to support a hybrid team. You'll learn the four ways communication is different in a hybrid workplace and how you can create synergy while the team is distributed.

Module 2


Structure for Effective Remote Meetings

In virtual meetings, we need a structure for engagement, standards for creating meeting notes, and define specific roles for participants, so everyone feels comfortable and confident to sit at the table and contribute to business discussions. This module aims to equip you with a framework and practices to support a hybrid team to collaborate more closely and effectively.

Module 3


Tools & Best practices

In this module, you'll be introduced to asynchronous collaboration and several best practices you need to consider as you support your team in transitioning to a hybrid workplace. You are going to learn about four steps that should be considered as a part of the transition plan, including the team's interview, time variation timetable, and more. 

Module 4


Design a Collaborative Team Formation

In modules 1 - 3, you have learned tools, frameworks, best practices, and various technology platforms that can support you and your team to create a successful hybrid team. When it comes to a transition plan to a hybrid workplace, it is crucial to customize the learning to a model that works the best for your team, considering individuals' roles and responsibilities and the nature of the business. In this module, you are expected to develop a transition plan based on the learning so far, and receive feedback from your coach to further refine your plan and co-create the next steps for the plan execution.

Frequently Asked Questions


When you take a MOOC course (Coursera, Udemy, etc.), you learn great content, however you are left alone to figure out how to implement it in your project. Same with university programs, you interact with the teacher and educators, however, they won't have the bandwidth to work with you in detail on how you are applying your learning. Innovearn programs are designed around the concept of hands-on coaching, project-based and remote learning. you will have a dedicated coach assigned to you to work with you clsoely and make sure you understood each module and content and apply it in real life.

Innovearn is a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous learning, based on a pre-defined schedule to make sure a coach is dedicated to you in applying your leanring. While there is great flexibility during the week and between modules to read the content and یo your assignment, there is a schedule to submit your assignment to get timely feedback from your coach. By using the Innovearn platform, we reduce the number of online meetings to avoid 'Zoom Fatigue'.

Yes. You can join the program and sessions as a group and work on assignments together. We recommend each team member assumes the responsibility to gather the information and submit one assignment at a time so every team member goes through the process.

No, the program is opened to anyone who wants to sharpen her/his skills in communication in new hybrid workplaces. The program is open to anyone who wants to learn practical tools and frameworks in Communication.

Yes, Silverberry Group issues a sharable certification of completion.

We have created various plans for individuals and companies, please contact us for details.