Corporate Innovation and Training

Learn an accessible and actionable process to innovate


Offered by Silverberry Group

Program in a nuthshell

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing economic climate, innovation a business imperative. Similar to entrepreneurship, innovation requires a context of engagement and interconnection between people, stakeholders, and ecosystems in order to flourish. Innovation allows organizations to sustain growth and business improvements over a continuous and consistent basis. At Silverberry Group, we hope to leverage such opportunities to bring success to your business.

Innovation is agile

Learn how to merge creative thinking with analytical rigor, develop ways to grow influence around your ideas and present new products and services faster. All while staying tightly aligned with the needs of your customers and the realities of your business or organization.

Program Breakdown

Module 1


Understand the Business Model Canvas

This module aims to breakdown the complex concept of value proposition into 4 simple elements of Need, Approach, Benefits compared to costs, and Competition, through which you will articulate your own project's long-term vision and purpose, and set short-term goals.

Module 2


Master the Different Types of Innovation

There are different models for innovation: incremental, disruptive. In this module, you learn the characteristics of each one, how to select the best model for your project and how to tailor it to implement it.

Module 3


Competition Analysis

This module provides a framework on how to analyze the market and competition for the future, not now. While they are leaders and visionaries in each market, there are a few companies that dominate niche markets or have a complete vision about the future. This module provides criteria and parameters needed to use and support thinking about the market and how to fit in it as an innovative product.

Module 4



In most cases, companies are trying to address similar problems for the same users. What makes a difference, is the approach to the problem. Are we creating a chapter, faster solution, or our approach is actually creating new possibilities? This module is focused on the approach, from how a new service or product is created, the revenue model, transactions, and more.

Module 5



Being innovative is more of a mindset than tools or techniques. What's an innovative mindset? How we make it universal in the organization, and bring all the stakeholders on baord? This module is focused on those questions.

Module 6


Organization Transformation

No business or company can transform into an innovating one solely by sending project managers to obtain scrum master certifications. It requires a commitment by the leadership team, which will be reflected in the organization processes, modification on organizational charts, and chain of command. In this module, the best practice to make a smooth transformation happens while business is taking care of day to day activities will be reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions


When you take a MOOC course (Coursera, Udemy, etc.), you learn great content, however you are left alone to figure out how to implement it in your project. Same with university programs, you interact with the teacher and educators, however, they won't have the bandwidth to work with you in detail on how you are applying your learning. Innovearn programs are designed around the concept of hands-on coaching, project-based and remote learning. you will have a dedicated coach assigned to you to work with you clsoely and make sure you understood each module and content and apply it in real life.

Innovearn is a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous learning, based on a pre-defined schedule to make sure a coach is dedicated to you in applying your leanring. While there is great flexibility during the week and between modules to read the content and یo your assignment, there is a schedule to submit your assignment to get timely feedback from your coach. By using the Innovearn platform, we reduce the number of online meetings to avoid 'Zoom Fatigue'.

Yes. You can join the program and sessions as a group and work on assignments together. We recommend each team member assumes the responsibility to gather the information and submit one assignment at a time so every team member goes through the process.

No, the program is opened to anyone who wants to learn about innovation and organizational transformation. however, it will be most effective if you have the opportunity to use the learning in an organization as the concept of Innovearn is about learning by doing.

Yes, Silverberry Group issues a sharable certification of completion.

We have created various plans for individuals and companies, please contact us for details.