AUST Future Founders

Future Founders 

IEEE Program for the American University of Science and Technology
Summer of 2021


Offered by Innovearn

Future Founders Program

The Future Founder Program is a product innovation, design thinking, and coach-based program that emphasizes: creating innovative solutions, developing projects effectively, networking with experts from various engineering fields, learning about innovation processes, and raising awareness about Sustainable Development Goals.
Students in Lebanon are facing the following issues when implementing their projects:
  • Students are facing difficulties with finding jobs within their industry
  • Students need guidance for their projects as they are not receiving the required amount of support
  • Issues with getting the hands-on experience they need to implement their projects

Come with a team from 3 to 5 members and address innovative solutions for preferably SDG issues

SDG Theme

Partnering with Silverberry Group, connecting students with coaches through the program and Innovearn platform
Each team will get their own, designated coach for the implementation of their projects.