Learn a new topic in 15 minutes

Studies show our brain has muscles too, and the more we use it, the better and stronger it becomes.

There is one more advantage of continuous learning: with the very fast pace of change in our life and work, we constantly need to check our knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the environment around us. We need to make sure we catch up with the latest advancement in science and technology to maximize our benefit from them. Whether it will be a new skill, a new diet, or simply refreshing our memory about some interesting historical events.

The question is how to fit continuous learning in our busy daily life? Reading an article or book is definitely fun and very informative, however, when was the last time many of us found time to read a book end-to-end?

Please meet Innovearn app!

Innovearn App

Innovearn is an education app that uses the micro-learning methodology to offer a wide range of topics with a gamification experience.

You can select a topic of interest, being health and wellness, art history or mental health, see a series of cards, and by swiping right or left say whether the phrase on the app is true or false.

After answering a card, you get short feedback about your answer so you know whether you got it wrong or right. Once all the cards in a topic are done, you can read a few short posts about them (especially if your answer was wrong!) to learn more, and further, read more articles or books related to the topic if you are interested in doing a deep dive.


Innovearn Coach

Learned a new topic or checked your understanding of it and feel you want to learn more? No problem!

Innovearn coach is designed to offer a series of programs that connect you to a coach for a deep dive into topics. Innovearn Coach is a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous methodology that combines the on-line remote learning with a coach (or educator) and seld-study content similar to MOOC platforms. Using the above method, while Innovearn offers the flexibility of learning tailored to learner's schedule, it keeps the human touch and mentorship in place.

Remote Learning

Cost-effective and scalable. Provide convenience to learners and set deadlines to learn anywhere on web or mobile devices.

Hands-On Coaching

Cohorts collaborate virtually to facilitate inter-company learning and real-world applications.


Enable a holistic approach for skill-based learning and education which deals with small learning modules.

We constantly add new Programs to Innovearn platform. See a list of current programs and make sure to bookmark this page to visit and learn about the new programs added.