Overview: A quest for lifetime learning

The new world requires constant learning by everyone. While no-one denies the intellectual reward of continuous learning, learners need to be earners too. It means, we need to learn and learn how to apply our learning to solve real worlds problems.

Innovearn is a remote-learning, hands-on coaching platform that connects coaches and educators to learners. Through its unique approach, learners receive constant feedback on pre-defined modules while having time flexibility of learning new concepts and materials, avoid constant online meetings, and applying them to their current products or projects.


Innovearn is a hybrid model of synchronous and asynchronous methodology that combines the on-line remote learning with a coach (or educator) and self-study content similar to MOOC platforms. Using the above method, while Innovearn offers the flexibility of learning tailored to learner's schedule, it keeps the human touch and mentorship in place.

Remote Learning

Cost-effective and scalable. Provide convenience to learners and set deadlines to learn anywhere on web or mobile devices.

Hands-On Coaching

Cohorts collaborate virtually to facilitate inter-company learning and real-world applications.


Enable a holistic approach for skill-based learning and education which deals with small learning modules.

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